Sewing gusset to front hair panel-PICS

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Sewing gusset to front hair panel-PICS

Post  SkyeHighlandOutfitters on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:08 pm

Here are some pics of me sewing the gusset to the hair panel. I've cut and trimmed the back panel and I've glued the leather that I sewed the hair onto to the front panel leather. I will; now join the 2-

Notice how you can see the layers of hair that I sewed that overlap. I have put a poxy solution over the sew line to ensure that hair DOESN'T fall out-

Here you can sse the front panel leather and the thin leather piece the hair is sewed to now joined-

I now dril sew holes into the back panel for attaching the gusset-You do the same to the front panel once you have joined the hair portion to the rigid front panel-

From the inside-I've glued and molded a piece of suede for the inner liner to give a nice touch.

Don't forget to make a stitching brace so you can pull the twine tight!

The gusset portion-I'll explain how to determine how to cut in my "Organized" post

Beginning the gusset on the back panel, you sew from the outside doing a double stitch. You sew like this (Inverted) because when you're done, you'll peel it over the back panel to give a folded over look-very clean-

OK-Done sewing-

Now the peel over-

Wal-Lah-The back looks nice and clean-

Now I gather the hair and tie it so it won't flop everywhere as I sew the front panel-

I tack the 2 top corners first-

I'll turn the sporran upside down then start sewing from the bottom. up the left side, then back down creating a nice double stitch. then repeat up and down the left.


Now razor off the excess..BE CAREFUL

Since this is a flap style sporran, I don't have a cantle to cover the unsitly poxy holding the top layer of hair down-

So I cut a piece of leather to saddle the rim and drill holes and then sew on-

Done!!Sorry if it looks like the sporran is leaning,taking a pic and holding took some effort


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Great Stuff, Josh!

Post  BobsYourUncle on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:31 pm

Great stuff, Josh! Can't wait to see the "organized" post. The steps and pics are really helpful! Thanks again!


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Thank you

Post  okiwen on Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:37 am

I know your busy and I have been waiting for the culmination of you sporran DIY. Thank you for the time.


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Re: Sewing gusset to front hair panel-PICS

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